St. Thomas’ Cemetery

St. Thomas’ Anglican Church Cemetery By-Laws – Spring Brook

BY LAWS – January, 2016

Preamble: These By Laws are based on the principles found in the following sources:
1. The Book of Common Prayer, Canada 1962 (BCP);
2. The Book of Alternative Services, Canada 1985 (BAS);
3. Canon Law of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (CL);
4. Bishop’s Guidelines for Clergy and Parish Officers (BG);
5. Previous Church By Laws; and
6. Local Customs and Practices.
By Law #01These By Laws may be revised from time to time according to the needs of changing times and circumstances, but always in accord with the proper documents of authority in the Anglican Church of Canada, especially the Prayer Book, Canon Law, and Bishop’s Guidelines.
By Law #02This revision of the Cemetery By Laws is not intended to set aside the terms of agreement whereby anyone acquired a plot and/or grave in the past
By Law #03The St. Thomas’ Cemetery Committee is to consist of at least three members of St. Thomas’ Church; one of whom shall represent the Cemetery Committee on the Church Council.
By Law #04The Cemetery Committee may determine, from time to time, the disposition of any unused portion of any grave lot considered to be no longer required by the original plot holder.
By Law #05All tombstones must be placed on a poured concrete base
By Law #06The costs of purchase and placement of tombstones shall be borne by the family or estate of the deceased.
By Law #07The Cemetery Committee must be consulted in the placing and location of tombstones, and the method of placement.
By Law #08Anyone acquiring a burial plot and/or grave(s) within St. Thomas’ Cemetery will be a member of St. Thomas’ Church, in good standing, or a member of another church within the Parish of New London.
By Law #09Those deceased persons buried in St. Thomas’ Cemetery will usually have been members of the Anglican Church; although provision may also be made, from time to time, for parents, spouses, children, or siblings of Anglicans, although not Anglicans themselves.
By Law #10No grave may be dug within the cemetery without prior approval being given by the Cemetery Committee as to the location of such grave.
By Law #11It shall be the responsibility of the plot holder, his or her executors, or another designated responsible person, to remove the excess clay from the grave excavation and to dispose of the same in a designated area
By Law #12The amount required for the purchase of plots, graves, and/or perpetual care shall be determined by an Annual Meeting or a special meeting of the congregation called for that purpose. The current figure must be kept posted in the Cemetery Record Book.
By Law #13Each burial plot at St. Thomas’ Cemetery will cost $300.00 for parishioner, $1,000.00 for a non-parishioner. Note: only one burial will be permitted per plot.
By Law #14St. Thomas’ Cemetery Fund will be invested under the authority of a Congregational Meeting.
By Law #15The Rector, Incumbent, or Priest responsible for burials has certain other rights and responsibilities established in the Prayer Book, Canon Law, and the Bishop’s Guidelines which may bear on the execution of these burials and these By Laws from time to time.
By Law #16No burial may take place without the explicit permission of the Rector, Incumbent, or other Priest in charge of the Parish of New London.
By Law #17No burial may take place unless it is conducted according to the rites of the Anglican Church except in rare circumstances with the explicit permission of the Rector, Incumbent, or other priest in charge of the Parish of New London.
By Law #18Situations not covered explicitly by these By Laws shall be the responsibility of the Cemetery Committee, the Church Wardens, and/or the Incumbent of the Parish of New London, or the Bishop exercising episcopal jurisdiction in Prince Edward Island.
By Law #19All future headstones must have perpetual care.

You may download a copy of the St. Thomas’ Cemetery By Laws HERE.