St. Elizabeth’s Cemetery

St. Elizabeth’s Anglican Church Cemetery

BY LAWS – 2017

Preamble: These By Laws are based on the principles found in the following sources:
1. The Book of Common Prayer, Canada 1962 (BCP);
2. The Book of Alternative Services, Canada 1985 (BAS);
3. Canon Law of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (CL);
4. Bishop’s Guidelines for Clergy and Parish Officers (BG);
5. Previous Church By Laws; and
6. Local Customs and Practices.
By Law #01All subscribing or regularly attending members of St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church are entitled to a free burial plot (one grave). This does not include the cost to dig and prepare the grave or any funeral expenses. Non members who have family ties to the church may apply to purchase a burial plot.
By Law #02Permission to buy a plot (one grave) must be granted by St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church through its Cemetery Committee and is subject to their assessment of available plots. Burial plots are not transferrable and will revert back to the church if not used. Charges for burial rights (regular casket or urn) will be $250.00 per burial. Graves will only be assigned once payment in full is received by the treasurer of the St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church.
By Law #03One grave can have three urns at a cost of $250.00 each.
By Law #04Urns can not be placed on top of existing caskets or occupied graves.
By Law #05All monies received for burial plots and cemetery maintenance will go directly into the St. Elizabeth's Cemetery account for the long term care of the cemetery grounds.
By Law #06All gravestones shall be placed at the head of the grave on a concrete base.
All foot markers must be sunk to ground level.
All remains are to be buried east of the headstone.
By Law #07The straightening of the headstone is the responsibility of the headstone owner. The owner should seek a maintenance contract with the supplier of the headstone.
By Law #08St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church reserves the right to level all graves after they settle, re-sod the grass and remove and dead or weathered flowers. No artificial flowers are to be placed in St. Elizabeth's cemetery.
By Law #09All work at the cemetery is to be done under the direction or supervision of the Cemetery Committee or others approved by the committee. This includes ground levelling, grass cutting, tree removal, planting of shrubs, fences or structure of any sort.
By Law #10The Cemetery Committee shall keep an up-to date map showing all burial plots and their assignments.
By Law #11All funeral directors shall contact both the Rector and the chairperson of the St. Elizabeth's Cemetery Committee prior to making funeral plans at the church and/or cemetery. All internments/burials at St. Elizabeth's Church are to be done by the "Rites of the Anglican Church" by Anglican clergy.
By Law #12St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church has the right to update and revise the cemetery policy. The church will take appropriate measures to notify those affected by any change in the policies.
By Law #13These Policy By Laws and any future changes will be discussed in person with the local funeral directors.
Rector:Rev. Margie Fagan
Chairperson:David Haslam