Reduce Recycle Reuse

Here are a few things that our Parish is doing to make a difference…

Textiles – any fabric item not suitable for reuse including clothing, footwear, bed linens, towels, stuffed toys, etc. These might be damaged, stained, missing buttons, or have broken zippers.
Money raised goes to Mikinduri Children of Hope.  Please contact Amy McCarville to collect textiles.

Pull tabs from cans – they are collected and money raised goes to the March of Dimes for wheelchairs.  Please contact Doris Moase or Virjene Cole.

Eyeglasses – old gasses or parts of glasses – these will be recycled with money realized going to local Lions Club – Rev. Margie and Virjene Cole collecting (drop off boxes in all our churches).

Christmas fabric, satin, red, green and gold ribbon -Jean Ronahan collecting.

Used batteries – these are collected at the Prince County Hospital, and the money earned from recycling the zinc goes back into the community. Doris Moase to collect.

Yarn – various types for various projects – collected by Isabelle Picketts and Evelyn Woodside.

Used postage stamps – cut with a ¼ inch of envelope around stamp. Money goes to charity. Virjene Cole

Independent grocery receipts – money goes to charity. Virjene Cole.

Christmas cards – front cover (if it does not have writing on the inside). Evelyn recycles these into gift tags.  Virjene makes them into scrapbooks for seniors.

Sewing scraps – fabric scraps from sewing projects can be given to Bev Brister – she has a friend who uses them to stuff dog beds.

Plastic tabs from bread bags – Virjene, for ACW fundraiser.